Thursday, June 10, 2010

Where Did All The Time Go?

Late last month, Chris Foley asked his readers at The Collaborative Pianist Blog which month was the busiest of the year for them. As I thought through my year, I answered that April was the most intense month for me. That time normally involves Easter activities and lots of recitals to play. Don't forget about preparations for studio recitals and wrapping things up for the end of the spring semester.

Now I am beginning to think that I was terribly mistaken. My life does not feel as though it belongs to me during the month of June. A few private lessons are continuing through the summer and I am teaching class daily at the college. A chamber recital is on the agenda for early July, so there are lots of notes to learn and rehearsals to attend. Somehow, my responsibilities at the church have snuck up on me. Next Monday, I will begin directing a two-week music camp for students ages 5-12 that will culminate in two performances of a children's musical. This annual event is always a lot of fun, but I am always very thankful when it comes to an end so I can finally get some rest. I have to remember that the weekend in the middle of it all (June 19-20) will be filled with Father's Day activities. I'm getting tired just thinking about it all!

Practice time is a prized commodity right now. What am I saying? Sitting still for a few minutes to catch my breath is priceless! For the next few weeks, I doubt you hear much from me here at Collaborations, but be assured I have not forgotten about you and will be back to a regular writing schedule in a couple of weeks.