Monday, September 17, 2012

The Necessity of Weekly Lessons?

On Saturday, I had a very successful lesson with my newest student. It was clear that he had worked hard and was making progress on the pieces I had assigned just a few weeks earlier. Due to a conflict with my schedule last week, we hadn't seen each other in two weeks. At the end of the lesson, his mother informed me that they would be out of town the following weekend. Because of the lesson time we found that would work for both schedules, these know that cancellations like this will be more of the rule than the exception. We have mentioned that bi-weekly lessons might be a feasible solution. That got me thinking....are weekly lessons absolutely essential for the intermediate and advanced student?

Of course, I believe that the ideal situation is for student and teacher to meet weekly in order to check progress and give direction. For many teens and adults, however, such a schedule is tough. (Who am I kidding? It's often difficult for the teacher to find another lesson slot each week!) Will bi-weekly lessons be so bad? Is it possible to provide adequate guidance to keep the student busy for 2 weeks without overwhelming them in a single session?

Without launching into my personal opinions (as they currently stand at least), I'd like to hear from the other teachers out there. Have you ever given a student lessons every other week? What did you find to be the biggest challenges? Do you have suggestions of things to make sure I am aware of from the start of this arrangement? I'm really looking forward to hearing from all of you!